Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Coffee Shop Conversations in My Box

“We’ll meet at the coffee shop on the corner and talk a while.”

That is the overall tone of Coffee Shop Conversations by Dale and Jonalyn Fincher, founders of Soulation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping others be appropriately human. I felt as though we sitting across from each other sharing our faith, our thoughts, and our lives. The book emits a conversational tone.

The Finchers take a new approach to evangelism: one that is not heavy-handed, brow beating, or Bible thumping. They listen to conversations, invest in lives, and share Jesus on a more intimate basis. Their early days of sharing their faith were more aggressive and “in-your-face.” Donalyn confessed that a lot of her friends probably prayed the “sinner’s prayer” just so she would leave them alone. Her zeal for sharing Jesus scared people away from both Jesus and Donalyn.

I particularly liked the chapter on “How to Read the Bible.” A chart of the different genres in the Bible, reading passages in context, and honestly sharing God’s Word provides a fresh perspective on reading the Bible. “Since God’s Word is a tether to our Father’s heart, our main resource for human flourishing, a privilege of correspondence inspired by God, we give others hope and clarity when we show them we understand the Bible.”

Whether you are a seasoned Christian raised in a church setting, or a new babe in Christ wanting to learn more about your newfound heavenly relationship, there is a wealth of eye-opening information, insights, and inspiration that will draw you in to share your Jesus experience in a new way.

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The publisher provided a review copy of the book.

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