Thursday, April 29, 2010

Radical in My Box

Radical--such a harsh sounding word. The short "a" leaves an abrasive sound in my ears. The short form of the word, "rad," rhymes with "bad," my first reaction to the word "radical." To consider "radical" in the context of the church and Jesus seems wrong somehow, yet that is exactly what the book is about. It's a look at the Radical Jesus and the modern church.

David Platt's new book, Radical, Taking Back Your Faith From the American Dream, addresses the radical way in which "the church" has molded Christ's Church into a fellowship of convenience and comfort. Our churches look nothing like The Church Jesus talked about and died for. What happened in the last two thousand years to His Bride?

The comfortable nature of the church in the 21st century is diametrically opposed to the discomfort of the early church. Even in the 21st century, many believers throughout the world worship in extreme discomfort--except in America. These worshippers' very lives hang in the balance because of their radical faith.

Platt challenges the reader to think about their million-dollar church buildings, million-dollar car parking lots and weigh them against shabby, ill-equipped church buildings in other part of the world that don't have expensive cars lining the parking lot--their members don't have cars and many don't even own a bicycle. But, the lack of luxuries doesn't deter their commitment to serve the Radical Jesus.

The book is a challenge for Christians to consider living the radical life Jesus demonstrated on a daily basis. He told his disciples to leave their jobs, their families, even their dead, to follow Him and change the world. Could I do that? Could you?

He poses two questions in the first few pages of the book: "Was I going to believe Jesus?" and Was I going to follow Jesus?" The book explores Platt's quest to find answers to his questions; questions that should reverberate through all people of faith. The challenge comes from an honest look at Jesus' message and making it viable in our lives today.

According to Platt, most modern believers redefine the gospel of Christ to fit a comfortable, self-serving mold. We force Him to fit our way of thinking instead of the reverse. Have you ever said, "Well, Jesus didn't really mean....?" I have and by doing that, I've redefined Jesus to fit my way of thinking.

The book promises to challenge and probe the deep places of our hearts and souls; places we perhaps don't want to go or to spotlight. But, Jesus never said the way would be easy. He did say He would be with us.

Will you take the "Radical" challenge?

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  1. I will buy this book. Church leaders have compromised the integrity of the church thru their desire to be relevant to the culture around them. The church should shape the surrounding culture not be shaped by the surrounding culture.