Friday, August 7, 2009

Cayden in My Box

August 5th is a special day: Cayden Thomas Cosby's first birthday.

I can't believe that Cayden has been a member of our family for a year. It seems like yesterday that Josh called and said, "Mom, are you ready to be a Mimi again?" We spent almost 24 hours at Tampa General Hospital while Misi and Josh paced the halls trying to "walk him out." There were a few tense moments but Mr. Cayden finally made his appearance.

Cayden is one big bundle of smiles and laughs. There are few times when he's not smiling--like when he's eating or sleeping--and he probably smiles then, too. He is a happy little fella and he makes me smile just thinking of him.

I think he may be a mountain climber when he grows up. He's already exhibiting prowess in that department. I was at Josh and Misi's house last week and he attempted to climb a book shelf. Thankfully Misi was holding it in place or it might have toppled over. He was climbing their stairs soon after he started crawling. The stairway has been gated for two or three months.

He has discovered the art of crawling into small places so perhaps he will be a spelunker when he grows up. Maybe he will enjoy crawling and exploring caves and finding all sorts of adventures in places most people won't venture. He enjoys crawling through the coffee table space, turning around and grinning before sliding through onto his head on the other side. Yep, he might be a cave explorer.

Cayden also loves music so that could be in his future. He has a toy that plays music and he enjoys hitting the button and then dances to the different tunes that appear like magic. He grins and laughs as he moves in rhythm to the music. Maybe he will be on "So You Think You Can Dance" one day.

Books also interest him. He laughs as he pulls the books off the bookshelf. Occasionally he will sit on top of the pile he's made in the floor, flip through a book, toss it aside and reach for more. I hope he is a lover of books; he can travel to distant lands, learn different ideas and philosophies from books. I pray that God's Word will be his favorite; it holds the keys to right living.

Cayden is blessed to have a Mommy and Daddy who love him with all their hearts. I don't know of another father as fanatical about their son as Josh. Misi looks at Cayden with a look only a Mommy can have. Little Cayden will never lack for love from his parents.

Little Cayden, I love you so very much. I see a lot of your Daddy when I look in your dark brown eyes. You have his winsome personality and his love for life. Take that love of life and temper it with your Mommy's love of knowledge and you will go far.

"Dear Father, bless this precious child on his first birthday. Bless him with many years of life; a life that will be pleasing and glorifying to you. May his life touch many people and may everything he does draw others to you. Bless his Mommy and Daddy as they bring him up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Bless them with an extra measure of rest and patience as they raise their son. Let them feel your presence when the way is rough. May they know the gentle touch of your Holy Spirit as you guide them into all truth. I thank you for this precious grandson who will enrich our lives in ways that only Cayden can. Bless him with good health. Keep him under your protective wing."

I love you Cayden and happy birthday.



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